Our story

Why “Nice House of Plastics”

ALL PRODUCTSNice House of Plastics was formerly known as Ship Toothbrush Factory. The NICE HOUSE OF PLASTICS name was adopted on the 5th of July 1995. This name is attributed to our first product: the NICE toothbrush, the first of many that would serve to build our house of plastics.
Who we are
Nice House of Plastics Limited was founded in 1970 by Dr. James Mulwana, a leading entrepreneur and industrialist in Uganda. Our founder strived to create the base that has since grown to become the company we all know and love.

We are proud to be a manufacturer of house hold and industrial plastic Items andare the only manufacturer of Ballpoint pens and Toothbrushes in Uganda.

We have worked as diligent and hard working staff to offer our unmatched professional expertise that has kept us on top of the industry as the most trusted provider of plastic products in the East African region.

We are dedicated to effectiveness and efficiency through our dynamic product designs and innovative new plastic products that continue to add value by improving human livelihood throughout the region we serve and beyond.

The company produces a wide range of products ranging from agricultural, furniture, packaging, tableware, toothbrushes to washing and writing instruments. Over the years, we have introduced several new products for use not only in the home, office and school but also in the agricultural and industrial sectors. We have now truly earned the designation HOUSE OF PLASTICS

We thank you for your continued support!