Financial Controller

Mr. James Segawa has been the financial controller Nice House of Plastics since August 2006. Prior to joining Nice House of Plastics, James served as an accountant and was later transferred to head the procurement in Uganda batteries Limited a sister company to Nice House of Plastics from 1997 to 1998. He is also gifted with an extensive international experience attained from his previous roles as a securities and exchange trainee at Northern Rock Bank, London and from an accountant to a financial investment analyst at Influence, London a position he held for 3 years.

He serves on various committees notable of which is the real estate committee of the Uganda Manufacturers association.

James holds a Bachelors of Commerce from BHOPAL University (India), an MBA in finance from the university of Lincolnshire and Humberside (UK), holds a certificate in investments and portfolio analysis from SFM and is a Chartered accountant with CIMA (UK).

Mr. James Segawa is a married father of three children and he spends his out of office hours reading books coupled with watching football and movies.