Director Works

Mr. Eddie Senkumba
DIRECTOR WORKSMr. Eddie Senkumba is the Director Works Nice House of plastics. Mr.Senkumba is an industrial engineer with 35 years of professional experience in the plastics production industry. He joined Nice House of Plastics in 1980 and has since then been responsible for steering the company`s core business, leading to the overall growth from 10 to the current state of over 100 machines.

Mr. Eddie started working at Nice House of Plastics as a production supervisor and was later appointed by the Founder of Nice House of Plastics the late Dr. James Mulwana to Works Manager then Director works a position he holds to date.

Mr. Eddie Senkumba holds a Bachelor`s degree in Applied Science and industrial technology from the Albert Ludwig`s University of Freiberg (Germany). He is also trained in Polymer Science and Machine Construction from the Technical College T.G.M (Vienna Austria). Mr. Eddie believes in hard work and resilience, enjoys exercising and engages in poultry farming outside his work scope.